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Translation agency in Kiev

Translation agency


TransLink Translation agency is a reliable partner providing a package translation services.

We pay special attention to the recruitment of the personnel and when translating we involve only experts in the necessary area of knowledge. TransLink Translation agency has the staff of professional translators and editors, specializing on the following topics:    

technical translation;     

translation of legal documents;

economic translation;

medical translation;

literary translation.

The translation agency in Kiev has its specific work. For example, our company has specialized technical department, which employs highly skilled web designers and IT-specialists. Thanks to this the TransLink Translation agency efficiently and in a short time makes:

localization of web-sites;

recognition and formatting of scanned documents;

text composition up to prepress;


localization of games and other software.

Each translation agency in Kiev is looking for its personal approach to the clients. For example, we are interested in long-term cooperation with partners, which is why for your convenience and for the quality of work we use the following scheme of cooperation with the client: we undertime perform:

- every client has a manager who conducts the order beginning with the inquiry concerning the type of translation or interpretation, and ending with the complete performance of the order and confirmation of the mutual settlement of accounts;

- our translation agency creates individual glossary and project documentation, complying with the quality standard ISO 9001:2000 for each client;

-  during simultaneous interpretation we use our own synchronous equipment BoshIntegrus, and all of our technicians serving at your event have completed special training.


We provide our clients with legal support offering the following services:         

certification with the seal of the translation agency;

notary certification;

apostilization and legalization;

provision of translation services in courts.

TransLink Translation agency offers you an extensive network of our departments:






St. Petersburg




Translation quality is the main priority

Why do people look for a translation agency so often? The answer is simple - even people who know foreign languages, require the services of the translation agency. This is necessary in cases when the translation requirements are high, and so it should be done professionally. For example, a highly specialized terminology is used for the translation of legal documents or contracts with business partners. You must also comply with certain standards and clichés. Experts of the TransLink translation agency perform a wide range of translations: literary, legal, medical, technical, etc.

Choosing a translation agency, you should consider the range of services and their costs, presence of certificates for this activity, and the level of service. The choice of the translation agency working in different areas would be ideal for the long term cooperation. The TransLink translation agency is one of them. Its work is arranged to maximize the quality - and this is what our translation agency in Kiev is famous for. Professional translators perform both oral and written translations. There are also editors and imposers, as well as special departments of quality control.

The company will become your reliable partner for many years. It guarantees the high quality of work and strict adherence to deadlines

Translation of documents 

Like any other professional translation agency in Kiev, our agency specializes in all kinds of translations of official papers and other documents, and offers a wide range of services, including comprehensive translation of documents, based on the knowledge of our editors and translators.

Translation of documents is performed by applying the experience and practical skills of each of our employees. A high-quality translation of documents is carried out with the help of economic, literary, medical, and legal documentation. Thanks to the individual approach of our employees to each client, the work is completed efficiently and in due time.

Technical translation

Our translation agency performs technical translation of various documents at high level including all the peculiarities which different kinds of documentation may contain.

Such service as technical translation can be provided after special preparation of documents by computer processing, scanning, formatting, layout, and processing with the help of necessary programs. Technical translation in our agency is performed by experienced professionals who work with the customer and receive their job from the manager, provided to the client by our office.


Translation agency that provides a variety of services for the processing and translation of texts in documents also provides interpretation services in medical, literary, legal, and other subject areas.

Among all of our services, which embrace the preparation of documents, legal and documentary support of the process of translation, interpretation is one of the most popular and in-demand services, which is used by our clients. Despite the variety of services, interpretation remains one of the most important fields of work of translation agencies.

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