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Consecutive interpretation

Nowadays intercultural business communication is absolutely impossible without the professional approach to the process of translation. One of the types of such oral work is consecutive interpretation. It has become one of the popular services of our agency, as we offer the most favorable conditions and guarantee the high quality of the execution of the order.

Consecutive interpreting is usually used for events with a small number of participants, in which the speaker makes pauses from time to time for the interpreter to translate what has been said. For this translation you do not need technical equipment, which increases the mobility of your event. Our specialists are able to provide the service of consecutive interpreting at work on enterprises, during business negotiations, accompanying foreign delegations.

Only interpreter with extensive experience, open-mindedness, who has a good language base, can do the work of any complexity requiring a professional approach. The company "TransLink" can provide services of highly qualified professionals who own best practices in consecutive interpreting and are able to cope with any challenges.


We can also provide the services of our guide-interpreters, which you can use for:
   Holding of excursions for a group of people; 
•   Meeting delegations at the airport, during transfer, hotel accommodation;
   Business and sociable meetings at the restaurants, exhibitions etc.

Whisper interpretation

Whisper interpretation is a subgroup of consecutive translation, when the translator literally whispers you the translated information. In cases when some of the audience do not understand the language used at the event, we can offer you the services of our highly qualified interpreters in whisper translation.

Interpreter in Europe

Thanks to the extensive network of our agency, we have also an office in Europe. Our translators are ready to accompany you and your partners during business trips, regardless of their direction and duration. In this case, you do not need to bear the cost for the Schengen visa and pay for the travel to our interpreter. The interpreter will meet you at the place of the meeting.

Interpretation Services

Most modern companies are working closely with international partners, conferences and symposia, inviting foreign guests as well as trips abroad are not uncommon, so the interpreters are in demand today. Interpretation should correspond to the required standards and must be of high quality. The main task of the translator is to report everything that was said, realizing that even the smallest detail is often of great importance.

While searching for an interpreter for foreign travel, meetings with business partners and for other purposes, we recommend to ask for help in the office of professional translators. So you will be confident in the knowledge and competence of a specialist who translates the information important to you.

When choosing a translation agency one must follow certain rules. First of all, it is the quality of provided services; the level of service is also of high importance. Presence of necessary certificates is one of the most important indicators with the help of which you can determine the level of the company’s work.

In our agency the services of interpretation are provided only by professionals.

Experts from TransLink provide the services of different types of translation:


 oral (simultaneous and consecutive).

TransLink Translation agency has a great experience of work in different directions of interpreting, professional translators and is maximally interested in the successful outcome of the event. Using the services of interpretation in our company, you can be assured of confidentiality and the quality of the translation. TransLink is your key to success!

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