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Simultaneous interpretation

Rent of the equipment for simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is used when holding international activities with a large number of participants.

The company «TransLink-Ukraine" is ready to offer you the services of our experts in the field of interpretation, as well as our own high-quality German equipment «Bosch Integrus».

Simultaneous interpretation is a special type of translation in which an interpreter translates simultaneously with the speaker. There is no need to pause, so that the interpreter had to translate. Distinctive feature of our interpreters is the highest concentration on the translation, quick reaction, excellent memory, mental and physical endurance. Continued involvement and, consequently, experience in simultaneous translation guarantees the success of your event.

Equipment for simultaneous interpretation

During the translation, the simultaneous interpreter is in isolated, air-conditioned cabin with headphones with sound insulation. That is done for one purpose – not to suppress the voice of the speaker.
Our equipment meets the latest European standards. Special Ir-Digital technology ensures that the quality of the sound in the headphones of the translation listener is of the highest quality and meets all international requirements.
  The main advantage of Integrus is an absolute resistance to interference from all types of lighting. Bosch Integrus Synchronous Equipment provides professional simultaneous translation into 8 channels with digital quality sound.
This allows the TransLink translation agency to perform simultaneous translation at the same time into 7 different languages.

Our infrared equipment for simultaneous translation guarantees you complete privacy, because the sound does not go through the walls. Infrared receivers of the listeners allow getting excellent quality of speech, give you the freedom to move, because the equipment is wireless.

The price also includes the services of our technicians, who carry out a complex service of the equipment for simultaneous translation during your event.

Perfect example of a successfully done work in the field of interpretation is a great number of gratitude of our clients (our company is their official translation agency):
•   G8 Summit 
•   Eurovision 2009 
•   III International Investment Forum, Ternopol
•   Asian-Pacific Parliamentary Forum (APPF)
•   42nd World Congress of the Internal Accounting Association (IAA)
•   ХII St. Petersburg International Economic Forum
•   2007 World Social Security Forum

Equipment for simultaneous interpretation during large-scale events

Events with a large number of participants from different countries will require of services of simultaneous interpreters. These are the services of the high-level experts, possessing an excellent knowledge of a foreign language and a number of special personal qualities. Special attention has always been paid to their preparation.

The result of the meeting will largely depend on the quality of the used equipment. The rent of the equipment is often more preferable than its purchase. For mutual communication, we suggest you to order a simultaneous translation in Kiev or Nikolayev.

The TransLink translation agency offers services of high quality interpreters and leases Bosch Integrus equipment with which you can definitely be sure that all parties understand each other. High quality digital audio is provided by infrared multichannel system. It allows you to plug in the number of translation channels and can be connected to any conference system.

You may ask for more information or consult regarding simultaneous interpretation in Kiev or Nikolayev by calling:

- simultaneous interpretation in Kiev:

 Tel./fax: (044) 369-50-20

  Mob.: (067) 558-04-64

-simultaneous interpretation in Nikolayev:

Tel./fax: (0512) 76-52-74

Mob.: (067) 510-24-36

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