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Individual approach to each client

TransLink Translation agency guarantees an individual approach to each client. For a more productive and long-term cooperation with clients, our company is ready to offer you the  service of an individual manager who is assigned to the client and conducts his order. This service contributes to the higher quality of translation, as well as making our service more convenient. 

Translation services

For convenience and time saving of our clients we offer a full range additional legal services:

certification with the seal of the translation agency: we certify the quality of translation and its compliance with the original.

notary certification: certifying of translation fact  by a qualified expert.

apostille: certifies  signatures, qualification of the person, who has signed the document, and on occasion certifies the authenticity of the stamp or seal, affixed to a document.

provision of an interpreter’s services in courts: a client is provided with an interpreter who provides a complete understanding of the judicial process.

localization of web-sites;

recognition and formatting of scanned documents: experts from the department of Technical Service of TransLink Translation Agency prepare materials for further translation, no matter from what data medium and in what format they were presented.

text composition up to prepress: the text composition can be made for the further production of translated materials in print in accordance with the client’s wish when translating the books, catalogues, magazines, brochures, pamphlets.


localization of games and other software.

Regardless of where you are located, you can be sure of quality and efficient service. We aim not only to translate with the high level, but to make sure that every client is satisfied, considering all his requests and wishes as to translation.

If you need translation services

If you are facing a dilemma what interpreter to choose, you should understand that you will have to trust that person, as he will be informed about your business in fully or partially. This is especially important when an interpreter is required in business or law. You should have a lot of sympathy to translator’s personality because most of the time you will need to spend together.

TransLink Translation agency carefully chooses employees, because the profession of interpreter requires attention to details, intelligence, knowledge in many areas of human activities, sociability, and, of course, a high level of foreign languages skills.

Our agency provides a package of services, including notary certification of translations, apostilization, legalization of documents, etc. This enables clients to save their time and money spent on these procedures.

TransLink Translation agency  will help you to realize your goals!

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