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Translation from English or any other language must be unique, well-built, and therefore requires high professionalism from experts. Translation from English is usually performed by a group of professionals and each of them has a different function at some point. In the TransLink translation agency in addition to translators, editors are also involved in the process and layout, as well as there is a special department of quality control. Each translation from English to Ukrainian / Russian is individual, ideas and thoughts are most accurately transmitted, taking into account the traditions and cultural characteristics of the target audience for which it was intended. In the TransLink translation agency employs both native speaking English translators and specialists of international level, which is necessary to make the text complying with the targets.

If you need to make a translation from English into Ukrainian or any other language, you may contact us.

Translation from the company “TransLink”:

  meets the requirements set by the customer and is also close to the content, properly formatted and keeps the theme of the original document;

  excludes punctuation, grammar and spelling mistakes;

  corresponds to certain terminology of the original document;

  conforms to the uniformity of terms, names, acronyms, symbols and characters.

Specialists from the TransLink translation agency are experts in providing translation services of the following topics:

Technical translation: translation of technical documents and drawings, translation of manuals and user’s guides, technical specifications.

Translation of the text is done in all the formats: MS Office, AutoCad, Quark,

Adobe InDesign etc.

Translation of legal documents: translation of contracts and agreements, translation of constituent documents, regulatory acts, certificates and documents.

Economic translation: translation of financial and economic documents, invoices, bills, accounting statements.

Medical translation: translation of medical certificates, reports, translation of manuals to the specialized medical equipment.

Literary translation: translation of books, scripts, press releases, brochures, advertising materials.

Translation of standard documents

Work on the order

Features of the translation of the aircraft documents

Each project is controlled by a Project manager and passes through a complete cycle of work:

Translation of documents by a translator –specialist in respective topics.

Proofreading of the translated documents by the editor/literary proofreader.

Layout and formatting of translated documents.

Final check of the translated documents in the quality control department.

The project documentation is individually developed and implemented during the translation process:

Requirements and standards of the translation from the client.

Glossary is a vocabulary of specialized terms in a definite branch with individual translation for every project.

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