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English belongs to the Germanic languages of the Indo-European linguistic family. The number of native English speakers is about 410 mil, and the number of speakers (including those considering English their second language) is about 1 bln people (as of 2007). It is also one of six official and working languages of the UN.

While translating into English one should take into account the following issues: 

Syntax, namely strict word order in the sentence (English language belongs to the analytical type of languages);

Practically absent inflexion;

Presence of articles (definite/indefinite);

A large number of tenses;

Searching the correct corresponding synonym;

Variety of prepositions

When translating contracts and important documents from the foreign language, English in particular, a translator must not only have excellent knowledge of grammatical and lexical peculiarities of sentence structure, but also to be attentive to details, such as the translation of proper names, document titles, addresses, and first names. He should also thoroughly check the spelling and translation of acronyms and abbreviations.

Interpreters and translators of our office are always ready to assist you and can easily cope with the difficulties of any kind of translation into English.

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