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German belongs to the Germanic group of the Indo-European linguistic family. Translation into the German language is very difficult because of the great number of peculiar features of grammar and because of the large number of dialects; there are three main groups of dialects of the German language on the territory of modern Germany:

  Niederdeutsch (Low German) (Northern Germany dialects)

  Mitteldeutsch (Central German) (Central Germany dialects)

  Oberdeutsch (High German) (Dialects of Southern part of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Italy)

In turn, all these three groups are divided into many subgroups. It is the work of translators to understand and convey the correct meaning of words and sentences. The staff of our agency can do it without any problems. We will choose the translator from Russian into German, based on your objectives, topic and timing.


Translator of the German language may face various difficulties, for example, there are 4 cases in this language: nominative - Nominativ; genitive - Genitiv, dative - Dativ accusative - Akkusativ, this distinguishes it from Russian or Ukrainian languages, where there are six cases: in addition to the mentioned ones, there are also instrumental and prepositional cases. The role of instrumental and prepositional cases in Russian can be operated as dative and accusative cases in the German language. This greatly complicates the translation of German texts, and thus the work of the translator. Any German translator must possess extensive knowledge in many different areas, which will allow him to make the most accurate translation of the document. Our agency will make for you a qualified translation into German or from the German language with the help of our qualified German translator. We can also provide the required advice, and render communication support services. Absolute requirement of our work is complete confidentiality.


We’ll be looking forward to receiving your order.

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