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Languages of the World

A human is one of the few representatives of the animal world with the ability to communicate. Many birds, such as parrots, have the ability to imitate, but for the capacity to speak there is a need in a second signal system, which seems peculiar only to a human being (Wikipedia).

Language is a system of sound and written symbols, used by people for the expression of their thoughts and feelings. 

According to the French Academy of Sciences, modern mankind speaks nearly 3,000 languages. If we count the dialects for separate languages, their number reaches 5000, and maybe more - to this day, there is no single definition of the linguistic identity. Thus, it appears that in average on one million people there is one language or dialect.

Despite the great diversity of languages, there are eight which are "world languages." They are English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Ukrainian, French, German and Portuguese. Each of these languages is spread to several states because of its historical reasons. For these reasons, these languages are spoken by a great number of people. Such languages as Chinese, Hindi and Urdu are also among the most important languages of the world, but they are less popular on the international level.

Despite the issue of the language’s popularity and distribution, ..., there are situations that require a clear understanding, i.e. technical, legal, medical topics, or just a business conversation. In such cases the specialist is required.

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